Date Booms

Are you ready for a
medieval adventure?

About Project

Date Booms is a crypto game project about battles in the Middle Ages. Players collect points by fighting various battles in the game. With these points, they can buy NFTs or convert them into DTBOM tokens.

The game consists of various war scenarios. In these scenarios, players act as the commander of an army and lead their army against the enemy. Players who succeed in battles earn more points.

NFT Collection

Game Maps


Step 1: The First Step of War

We have created a strong team of war heroes and rolled up our sleeves to prepare a unique medieval game for you.

We also worked with this strong team on all phases of the project, building today's habits into every aspect of the game to achieve the triumph of the Middle Ages

Step 2: The Legend Continues to Evolve

We built maps with some of the best graphics in history, created unique characters, built the game engine and pre-released the unique experience for you.

Step 3: Dazzle with a Unique Pre-Presentation

We are excited to present the first version of Date Booms, a medieval legend with excellent graphics, as a beta.

Step 4: Savor the Victory

Your demands are never left behind with us. And you can't have a perfect earning system without Date Booms. We will be happy to release the latest and first version for you.







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